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Reactions with support for event organizers

Nov 27, 2023, 5:32:32 PM UTC

Depending on the selected package (basic or premium), the price includes the appropriate number of responses with support. If the support limit is exceeded, a fee is added for each additional support.

However, there are situations where support is not subject to a fee, about this below.

If you are organizing your first event...

If you are organizing your first competition, any additional online support is included in the standard price. This is a good opportunity to learn how to use the system with my help.

Responses to situations that are NOT subject to an additional fee

  • Publication of event - currently, in order to make events public in the system, my assistance is required. This does not affect the number of support used. Since 11.09.2022 organizers can publish events by themselves.
  • System malfunction - the system is a software that is constantly being developed. As a result, errors can happen. Reporting such a situation does not affect the use of support.
  • System runs slowly - similar to the above, information from the organizer regarding the fact that the system behaves slowly.
  • Activation of account for the competitor - it may happen that the competitor does not receive an e-mail confirmation to activate the account in the system: the e-mail may have gone to spam or the competitor's mail server did not accept the message at all. In such situations, I will analyze the situation and activate the competitor's account manually. Such a response is not subject to a fee.
  • Consultation that leads to solving the problem yourself - in a situation where the support is in the nature of a consultation that, for example, leads to a help center and to solving the problem yourself is not subject to payment. E.g., a question is asked on how to prepare the event and a guide from the help center is enough, then such a consultation is not chargeable. In a situation where the problem is more complex, I will warn that the consultation is chargeable.

If you have any questions, please contact me, the list above may be updated.

Examples of situations that are subject to the fee

  • Adding event to the system by the administrator
  • Adding absoluto/open categories to event
  • Making start lists available
  • Sending various kinds of information about event: registrations, analytics data by email etc.

Example scenario

  • Plan: basic
  • Event number: n-th event in a row
  1. I get a notification from the organizer to add the competition in the system = the first used support of the 3 included in the price.
  2. When organizer is working with the system, the organizer hits a status page about a technical break in the system and reports it to me: the reaction is not charged. The counter is still two reactions to use.
  3. The day of the event arrives and there is the last-minute change to something in the brackets: the second reaction is used.
  4. The competition is over. In the basic plan, two reactions out of three have been used = **no additional charge.